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3.1 Automation

3.2 Resources

3.3 Revision

3.4 New Products

3.5 Recreating Your World





If you are running any kind of online business for any length of time, by now you would have come to term with the fact that traffic is the life-blood of your business. Without traffic, your business and vision will die a premature death. No traffic, no profit, no online business.


Thus sending traffic to your website is a task that you will never outgrow all the days of your business life. Free or paid traffic, you will have to decide the ones you are comfortable with in tandem with your budget.


– To re-emphasize the importance of traffic to online business

– To encourage learners to automate their online business as soon as they start making profits

– To stress the benefits of owning an online business


After you have settled for a number of traffic sources, then it is about time to take your business to the next level – you set it up and forget.

3.1 Automation

Your long-term plans should include automating your business. This includes not just the traffic but as much as possible, the other aspects such as your keyword research, your autoresponder messages, your entire marketing funnel, etc.

Where you could not cope in some areas, Ghost workers are all over the market to help out at affordable fees.

The automation aspect of your business is extremely important, as you as a human being need some time off to relax and enjoy the fruits of your labor while other people and the software are working IN your business.

As a Business Owner, you also need this free period to refocus your vision and come back to continue to work ON your business.

3.2 Resources

Any of the following website have abundant human and virtual resources to effectively handle any or even all aspects of your online business on your behalf: fiverr, upwork, or toptal.

There are many others with varied terms of service, some cheap, other not so cheap, but only 3 are cited here to avoid information overload. If you want more, you can Google for them.

3.3 Revision

One thing is very common with Internet Business: it is constantly undergoing CHANGES. Old things are passing away or revised while some are completely replaced with new ones. The after the initial setting up of your business, your main job will be staying alert, so you can make simple changes on your site or product to keep them up to date.

The best way to be up to date in your niche market is to sign up with Google Alert so they will keep you posted on the latest development in the market that may affect your product positively or negatively. For this purpose, you are also advised to sign up in to your cherished Gurus‘ lists as they are popular and well established in the business.

They are always the ones to get advanced information on any important changes that is coming up their respective niche markets. You can get the latest software, etc. for pennies from them before it hit the open market.

3.4 New Products

Regular eavesdropping into your market also have another advantage. You gather enough intelligence to create new or even complementary products. This can mean going over your whole line of products from the beginning to the end.

This is what those Gurus call UPGRADES, which are actually the new and improved version of the same old stuff!

Hope you are not confused by the last statement – remember – EVERYTHING IS A REMIX…

By now you are already supposed to be an expert: meaning, you know exactly where to give your old stuff a little jerk, a little shake up and a little shake down to give them the Silver Lining or the Golden Glittering Look, or whatever your desire.

And what next…

And the beat goes on… traffic, traffic, traffic…

3.5 Recreating Your Own World

We will soon come to the end of this lesson.

If there is any one thing I will like to emphasize here, it is the fact that PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT.

Do not wait till you are perfect before you attempt to put these ecourse to practical use.

Start immediately, if you have not done so already. Do your market research, choose your niche market, sell an affiliate product to start with, and later create your own product for sell to your list members as you gather confidence and insight, create your marketing funnel, set up your salespage and so on and so forth…

Start making money right away.

You can learn from your mistakes, that is still okay, that is what makes you a GURU because at some points, you won’t be making mistakes that others are still making, that is even what will result in upgrades of your products and most of all: that is how every guru you ever met learned the ART.

But that is not all the story…

At the end of it all, you will be pleasantly surprised!

Surprised that with such a little effort you have succeeded in getting rid of your own Boss, and you won’t have need of any of them again for life.

Surprised that you have even become your own BOSS and you are now bossing others (if that is what you like), at least at the Virtual Workers.

Surprised that you have exited the Rat Race, Corporate Ladder and Corporate Politics

Surprised that you are now in control of your income, time and destiny, and most of all,

Surprised that you have recreated your own world…


Can anything be more exiting to you than RECREATING YOUR OWN WORLD, where everything runs exactly the way you want.

Let this possibility run in your imagination NONSTOP.

Remember the words of one of the greatest genius the world ever had – Napoleon Hill:

‚Whatever the mind can conceive, and believe, it (the hands) will achieve it‘.


After setting up your online business, aim at automating it as soon as possible.

Using the correct methods to automate your business is what makes online business a bliss. This is what the Gurus are talking about when they say ‚business at the speed of thought‘, ‚make money from the thin air‘ or making 5 to 6 figure at the snap of your finger.

See you @ the top!


You can reach me to discuss any challenges you may have as you set out to start you online business through this email:

desitoglob at gmail dotcom

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