5 Immediate Website Traffic Methods for Beginners

Marketing is a bad word. At least, it is to many newcomers in the business world. Marketing can be costly. Worse, you can actually pay for marketing and find that it didn’t turn into a sale. It sounds a lot like gambling, and that can be scary to those who are just starting out.

Alas… I have good news. There are some free online marketing methods that you can use right now, which will bring you some immediate traffic. How immediate, you ask? I have implemented some of these methods when I began blogging on a daily basis, and saw traffic within five minutes of doing them. The real question should be, are you ready to convert that traffic. That subject is best left for another article however.

Let’s take a look at the 5 immediate traffic methods for beginners:

#1) Blog-Hopping

The term blog-hopping means, to locate and comment on multiple related blog articles. You can locate blogs that are related to what you are marketing with some simple Google searches. You do not want to waste your time however. The only way that this method results in traffic is if people reading it, and its owners are able to find you. That’s why you will want to stick to blogs that have the option to leave your URL in a field under your comment.

You can do the following search in Google to find such blogs:

„your keywords“ +“leave a comment“

Change „your keywords“ to your desired keywords or keyphrase, and make sure you include the plus sign and following phrase exactly as is. Make sure there is no space between the plus, and the quotes so that Google knows you are trying to match the keywords that follow.

This search will bring up comments, many of which are using WordPress as their blogging platform. When you find a suitable article to comment on, you will need to make sure to avoid coming off as spam. Your comment should be well thought out, and contributing to the discussion in some way. It is always best to read the article you are commenting on first. This way, you will know what to say, and the owner of the blog will know right away that you are not a spam bot.

In addition, it is important to note that you should not advertise in your comment. Let the URL field do what it does best. That is the only place for your link. Placing your link within your comment comes off as self-serving and can end up being rejected and possibly blocked from future commenting.

The blog-hopping method is one which can actually bring in traffic today. If you find that the blog article was written recently, and it has received other comments already, you can be sure that there is active traffic on the page. If your comment was well-thought out, then readers are more likely to follow your link in the URL field and find out more about you.

#2) Guest Blogging

The thing about guest blogging is that it can take time to be published once your article is accepted. This timeframe depends on many factors, such as:

  • How many articles are scheduled ahead of yours.
  • Publishing frequency of the blog/website.
  • Popularity of the blog/website.

… and others.

Guest publishing on other blogs or websites is worth it though. A few years back, I published multiple guest articles on ProBlogger, as well as a list of other established blogs. ProBlogger accepted my lengthy articles, but it sometimes took a month before I would ever see them published.

When guest blogging as a traffic method, it is wise to diversify your portfolio as an investor would. You will certainly want to benefit from the popular blogs such as ProBlogger, but you need to pursue other blogs that are easier to get into as well.

The criteria you are looking for is:

  • Relevance to your niche.
  • Does it regularly publish new content?
  • Does it have active commentators?
  • Do they have a clear guest article submission policy?

You want traffic, so you will need to ensure that there are people actively commenting on articles. You will also want to make sure the site is up to date. If it’s currently 2016, and the newest article is dated 2013, then it is not an active blog. Some blogs leave commenting open, so there may well be new comments. It doesn’t look good however, for your chances at being published as a guest author.

Many blogs that accept guest articles will have a page dedicated to listing their guest author requirements. These are usually a description of what kind of articles they accept, as well as what formatting is required to be published on the website. For instance, some blogs may require you to leave out HTML, while others allow some basic HTML formatting.

As previously listed, here is a way of locating blogs that allow guests by doing a simple Google search:

„your keywords“ +“become a guest author“

#3) Press Release Distribution

Press releases are often associated with major companies, and big announcements. An example of major press release would be the announcement of an E3 event for gamers made by Microsoft or Sony. The good thing is, you do not have to be the CEO of a fortune 500 company to use press release distribution to benefit from its traffic benefits.

There are multiple press release websites online, that can be found by searching Google for „free press release“. These websites get a lot of traffic, and is used by news networks for syndication. When used properly, your PR may be picked up by a major publication.

You can target specific categories, and sub-categories on these distribution websites. Unlike with article marketing, a press release website is all about self-promotion. They do have specific requirements however, and not just any „fluff“ will make it through the approvals department.

In addition to the free options, there are many paid distribution services available. Also, on the free sites, there are often paid upgrade options that allow your content to get an extended reach beyond the free options.

To use such services, you will want to make any noteworthy news a priority for a press release. Got a public event coming up? Schedule a press release ahead of time. Major changes coming to the company? Announce it!

#4) Article Marketing

Getting your brand out there requires a lot of legwork. Sometimes, this means that a lot of time must be spent creating quality text content that can be published on major websites. This is different from guest blogging however. EzineArticles is an example of an article publishing website, specifically tailored to publishing quality text content.

There are many article websites on the internet, but you want to find ones that rank high on Google and other search engines. You also want to locate sites that have an established reputation with other article marketers.

A good article must be written in a way which will keep the reader interested. One such example is breaking down a topic into a list. You will often run into articles that share a title format. An example would be this article titled, „5 immediate website traffic methods for beginners“. You can do the same thing for your article no matter what the niche may be.

To keep the flow of reading interesting, use numbered or bulleted lists. You can also include a relevant wrapped-image if the website allows it. Various visual elements such as images, bold text, italicized text, underlined text, and headers can help the flow of the article.

There are many writers that publish smaller articles that are in the 500 word range. I however, prefer to write articles that are 1000 words at the bare minimum. Such articles not only cover a topic in depth, but are also a genuine method of creating link-bait. This means that there are more opportunities for syndication, leading to additional traffic.

When writing articles for specialized article marketing websites, be sure to read and understand their guidelines before typing a single word. Self-promotion in an article can be frowned upon, and the site may have an author box or other way of allowing you to promote yourself.

#5) Forum Participation

Forums are pretty old-school. They are websites which allow you to register, and conversate in „threads“. You can create and reply to topics, and be notified when others are participating. There are forums for pretty much anything.

To find forums in your niche, simply search your keyphrase followed by the word „forum“ in Google. Often times, the forums with the most traffic will end up on the top of search results. The forum will show the last comment date and time, so you can see how active it is.

The trick with forums is to use the member profile section, and the signature section for your promotion. You will certainly want to avoid self-promoting in the body of your post when it comes to forums.

As with blog hopping, you want to avoid coming off as spammy. If you are commenting, make sure it is thought out and contributative to the discussion. If you are posting a new thread, you want to ensure that it follows the forum guidelines to the letter.

You can usually post a signature in your profile which appears whenever you publish something on the forum. Sometimes this signature will show up once for your first post in that thread, while many others will show the signature for every single comment you make. Either way, it translates to traffic.


By using these 5 immediate website traffic methods, you will quickly establish a regular amount of hits to your website. The next item on your to-do list is to ensure that you have your website setup for proper conversion. Hopefully, you already had this done, because these traffic methods are sure-fire.

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Tips on How to Increase Website Traffic

If you are a website owner, then you understand that your website stands no point of genuine existence without traffic. Who is going to buy your products or read your informative content if there are no visitors? Most importantly, what’s the point if there isn’t any traffic? If you have a page on the net, then you probably want to know how to increase website traffic. When creating a website to sell products or what have you, one of the last things that you may think about in the very beginning is the amount of traffic that it is going to attract. But in reality, it should be the very first thing that you think about.

Given below are some effective ways on how to increase website traffic:

1. If you really want to know how to increase website traffic, then you have to have exciting, informative web content. Not a writer? Not a problem! There are plenty of places online where you can actually purchase custom articles written by authentic authors and top online researchers. Just find a good article distribution website, sign up, and describe what you want your article to be written about. With a day or two, you will have your perfect article, optimized and full of information. If you are the one who is writing the article, then be sure to add updates and add something fresh and new every couple of days or weeks, or whichever you prefer. Keeping your content up to date and fresh will make the visitors feel like they are getting something new every time they visit your website, which will always make them want to come back for more. There is not a better way on how to increase website traffic.

2. If fresh web content wasn’t enough, and you are still wondering how to increase website traffic, try submitting your articles to article directories. With an article directory, you will be able to create back links to your website, which will increase traffic by numbers you never thought were possible. You can submit as many articles as you would like. The more, the better. But, they all have to be different and completely original.

3. Add the necessary keywords to your page if you want to know how to increase website traffic. For example, if you are writing content about how to increase website traffic, all you will have to do is add the keywords to the content that people use to search for that particular subject. You can easily figure this out by doing so yourself. The top three search engines are Yahoo, MSN, and Google. Do research using all three to figure out which keywords will work the best for your site.

4. Add an opt-in box to your page where people can sign up for free weekly newsletters and other goodies. You may want to even consider throwing in a couple of free monthly products. Do not worry about a couple of free goodies here and there costing you too much in the long run because you will be paid back with the amount of traffic that you are going to attract. If the idea of giving away free products doesn’t appeal to you, be sure to send out updates and new information about your site. This can help keep your visitors interested and make them feel as if your site is very useful for them. Your visitors will definitely want more of what you have to offer. And there is also a great chance that your regular visitors will spread the word about how great your page is, and others will want to know what your site is all about.

5. Knowing how to increase website traffic also involves meeting new people and telling them all about what you can offer them. Being very direct about it is not always the best way. Social networking websites provide you with a way to do just about anything that involves your site. They were originally invented to help people make friends. But more and more individuals are finding great use out of them concerning their websites. All you have to do is post links to your site on your page, and like magic, the traffic increases.

When you want to know how to increase traffic, you want to know the ways that work, and these are the proven techniques that will get you the amount of traffic that you are looking for. Remember that without traffic, there really isn’t a point. Just a dead site with no visitors. If you are looking for someone to help increase your website traffic just visit our website and let us help.

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Visitor Management System Privacy Over Security Is of No Use

Visitor-management-system based on face recognition is a modern technology. It enables the operator to know how many visitors visited the premises, what was the time spent by each visitor inside, whether they are still inside the premises or not, and other such details. Schools, hospitals, shopping malls, airports, railway stations and other places have many visitors daily. It is an easy target for terrorists, mafia and similar anti-social elements. Visitor management solutions will check all the people coming and going and store biometric details of them in the database for future reference.

A Biometric visitor-management-system based on face recognition is placed at the reception desk or any other spot. The face of the people visiting the premises is captured by the camera and software. If the visitor has visited the office for the first time, he is enrolled into the database. If he has visited before, his details are detected in the database; he is allowed access if he is not a blacklisted visitor. A visitor ID card is created based on the authentication done by the system operator. The ID is stored in the system for future reference.

The advocates of civil liberties oppose the use of face recognition visitor-management solutions. They argue that the stored information can be misused. Besides, it is a blow to the privacy of an individual. People may not wish their details to be preserved by outsiders. The stored information can be stolen by imposters and misused. This is true to some extent. Identity theft is a possibility with a face recognition visitor management system.

However, it is worth compromising privacy for security. Biometrics has evolved as a reliable mode of security. Installing a visitor-management-system will make it less prone to terrorist attacks. Any suspicious individual can be blocked entry. An individual having a prior record of misconduct can be denied access. Modern age has revolutionized everything, even crime! Extremists use technologically advanced method to further their cause. In such a scenario, clinging to primitive security means for the sake of privacy makes no sense. A face recognition visitor management system is the need of the day.

The issue of privacy is not completely ignored. An individual’s private affairs may be interfered with; embarrassing information about the individual may be shared or his identity may be used for personal gains. Government is considering the privacy issues in biometrics. International laws for the protection of personal information have been framed. Companies and organizations using visitor management systems take utmost care to not share the biometric information of individuals without consent. Those caught violating the privacy policies associated with visitor-management solutions are subjected to harsh punishments.

Sacrificing an efficient mode of safety for privacy is no intelligence. Every tool has its own advantages and disadvantages. A visitor management system is no exception! Besides, its advantages over disadvantages are more. Preventing its growing use would be like cutting the bud before the flower blossoms. This innovative technology is setting new standards in security industry. Its growing use is advisable.

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Tips For Hiring a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Firm

No doubt that most companies in the United States have a great, functional and informative website. Getting potential customers to those websites, however, is not as easy as putting a website together. Understanding how much Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can do for your business can make a big difference in how many of those potential customers come to your site rather than your competitors.

When looking to hire an SEO, it’s not easy to find someone that is knowledgeable, skilled and the one for you, there are thousands to sift through. Hiring an SEO company from a bigger city may not be feasible because of the cost involved and smaller cities may not have too big of a selection of service providers that have much experience. So there is much work to be done to balance out your needs with what’s available out there. Here are a few things you can do to help you get started.

How To Find a Good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Firm

  • Do a search in Google for „Seattle SEO“ (replace Seattle with your own city) to find local potential candidates.
  • Check the local phone directory for more.
  • Ask them questions. Use the information below as a guide for your questions.
  • Keep in mind that SEO is not a one time hire but an ongoing project.
  • SEOs in smaller cities may be priced significantly lower than in bigger cities like Seattle.

What a good SEO should know

  • No guarantees. It is impossible to guarantee a position in Search Engines. If they are promising you a first place in Google for the keyword „real estate“, fire them right there. They are trying to pull a fast one or are not up to date on Search Engine Optimization facts.
  • Focus on your goals. Their should be focusing on addressing your particular marketing goals
  • Keyword research. They should have knowledge and skills to do keyword research to find the best keywords to pursue.
  • Focus individual pages. They should know that every page within the website should be focused on it’s own, unique keyword.
  • Page titles. They should know that every page should have a unique page title.
  • Meta information. They should know what information goes into Meta Description and Meta Keywords and what purpose each carries for Search Engines.
  • On-page elements. They should have knowledge about the use of H1 – H6, Strong, Underline, image Alt and link Title elements and should be able to explain how they will be used to focus the pages.
  • Interlinking pages on the website. They should know how it is best to interlink the pages and what to use for the anchor text for those links.
  • Using „nofollow“. They should have knowledge about how Google uses the „nofollow“ attribute within the links.
  • Use of a sitemap file. They should know how to create, what to do with and the purpose of a sitemap.xml file.
  • Additional Online Marketing skills. They should also posses other Online Marketing skills, like article marketing, social media marketing and link building.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions and dont‘ feel intimidated with their technical speak. If you don’t understand something, ask them to explain. This list of things an SEO should know will help you sort out the real SEOs from amateurs.

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Work From Home Jobs For Mothers

Mothers have different stands and personal views about working at home. Some moms rather be in the work place while others say that being a stay at home mom is one of the most fulfilling and rewarding jobs any mother could ask for. Despite differences in views and opinions, it can’t be denied that working at home has now become a more popular and preferred option. Stay at home moms can now help with family finances and earn more without actually leaving the house.

There are many different jobs for stay at home moms that can surely help them attain financial freedom and can boost their self-confidence and self-worth. The following are great jobs for stay at home mom that guarantees a steady flow of income:

Network Marketing

This is also one of the most financially promising jobs for work at home moms. Network marketing is commonly referred to as Multi-level marketing. Even if you are a mother who are not completely familiar with network marketing, you probably have come in contact with some network marketers or used products offered by network marketing companies. If you want to earn money from home, you might consider being a network marketer and earn a good income. The first opportunity is through product sales where you get a percentage of the commission for every successful sale.

Online Surveys

Nowadays, there are countless options for mothers who prefer to work at home. Online surveys are actually one of the best and legitimate jobs for work at home moms that can surely deliver a good income stream. Online surveys are great ways to bring in more income from home. Online surveys are approved and legit and is a fun and easy way to make money at home. If you are a mother looking for new ways of adding additional funds to the family budget, online surveys are highly considerable options. All you need is a personal computer and a reliable internet connection, however; online surveys can now also be taken on smartphones with the aid of today’s latest technology.


Blogging is also a popular method of earning income at home. This is in fact a popular job for stay at home moms. Blogs generally get thousands of hits or even more per month depending on how popular your blog actually is. That means thousands of individuals interested in what you really have to say. You can write blogs at home and earn big. You can write something about products or services that you have tried and enjoyed and then include affiliate links. When someone clicks on the link and make a purchase you get your commissions.

These are just a few of the many ideal jobs for stay at home moms that mothers can try. Along with wanting to work from home, moms should also keep in mind that it also pays to choose jobs that they are passionate or enthusiastic about. It is important that you earn money while doing what you love.

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Web Optimization May Lead to More Website Traffic


You can build the best looking site on the web but what good does it do if no one can find it? This is where advertising and promotion comes in. By promoting your site on the rigth channels online you will see that it takes a bit of muscle and a lot of know how in order to make the public aware of your products or services.

There are a few ways to advertise your site on the internet such as paid search (PPC) which will bring in instant traffic basically, but again, you have to pay for it. If you want instant visitors to your site, this may be the best option at the time for you.

SEO and social advertising are usually the free options, but it takes much longer to get found for your keywords organically within your chosen market. If you want to attract visitors who are interested in your brand, you will need to target high traffic channels and high PA/DA sites that already have an enormous amount of traffic.

Writing content on Web 2.0 profile sites is another form of advertising. Make sure you write lengthy content (1000-1500 words) and use meta descriptions and internal linking as well as external links to promote other pages on and off your website. Optimizing on-page content is great for SEO and will help boost not only your website traffic through organic search, but also your Page Rank on Google.

Social Marketing

You can have the best looking site in your market but unless you market it so that users can find you, what is the point? Certainly one of the best and cheapest ways of increasing traffic to your website is to produce website content and then share it on social media channels.

Use as many social networking pages as you can to market your content.. for free! Facebook and Twitter are the obvious choices right off because the are widely used and have millions of users.

Content Marketing is all about making your headlines and titles short and snappy so that it will get people to click through on the provided link in order to check out your content right away. Headlines drive traffic, or let me say, the right headline will drive traffic. You have to peak interest in order to make a visitor want to find out more about the post.

The subject matter should be clear and easy to read with some great graphics and a CTA (call to action) if you want them to click on the backlink that leads to your website. Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, Vimeo and YouTube are great for promoting products through infographics, pictures, or videos. Don’t forget the title and description! This is what captures their attention in the first place. Who knows, your content may even go viral!

LinkedIn is the largest professional social network on the internet today so don’t forget this medium when looking for great places to publish your content. Your profile on LinkedIn will get noticed and all your posts will eventually get website traffic because of the links they contain. It’s all about publishing quality content on a regular basis in order to grow your followers. As soon as you write new articles, your followers will be notified and will check out your content.

Remember also to vary the length of each post and mix it up and write about things that people are actually interested in or are looking for a solution to. There are literally thousands of people each day in North America searching Google for your services and/or products online. They search for specific keywords, so make sure they find your site and not that of your competitor.

Guest Blogging

Yes, guest blogging is alive and well, and as long as it is in your „related market“, you won’t get penalized by the search engines for promoting your website in this manner.

Posting content on related websites will increase traffic to your site or blog. It will help build brand awareness and drive traffic and sales in the process. There are rules to guest blogging so make sure you keep the subject matter in a related context and only provide one or two links back to your money site, landing page, or services page.

If you don’t follow Google Best Practices Guide when posting on other blogs, you make get penalized so be careful and proceed accordingly.

There is another way to guest blog, that is getting other people to post content on your site. Again, this has to be related to the niche you are already in. Linking to another page with related content is often seen as a good thing in the eyes of the search engines and you make even get valuable page ranking points for your efforts. When it comes down to it, make sure all articles and blog posts are quality content, not spammy in nature. You will get penalized for any low quality content or mass backlinking tactics on the web, so again be careful when guest blogging.

Target The Right Keywords

You may have to hire a local SEO company to find out about targeting keywords for your market. The company will first do an SEO analysis of your website to determine how well it is optimized for the search engines and then create a list of keywords to use in an upcoming SEO campaign for your brand. Remember, you want to get found organically in search engines for your products and services, in your chosen market, for your specific set of keywords.

Some of these keywords can be just a one or two word phrase, while others can be long-tail keywords. These type of long-tail keywords are what accounts for a large percentage of daily searches on Google. People type in a whatever comes to their minds at the time, looking for a product in your market. Guess What? They will find your product if your site is optimized using the right keywords for your brand.

Get a local SEO Services company to do a free SEO analysis of your website, just as a starting point. This part won’t cost you anything and will let you know if you need to hire someone to fix the on-page SEO on your site.

Web Optimization For Mobile Devices

More and more internet browsing is done these days on mobile phones. Years ago it was done mostly on desktop PCs and Mac computers but those days are behind us.

People want a quick way to search for products, services, restaurants, or to book a tuna charter in PEI. They want to answer quickly and they want it now. That is where searching on a smartphone comes into play.

Everyone basically has some type of iPhone or Android phone these day with a data plan so that they can always have the internet at hand should they need it. That being said, as a web developer, you better make sure your website is optimized responsively for mobile devices of all shapes and sizes. Your website needs to be accessible with easy-to-read content.

Search engines have adapted their algorithms to give points for responsive design. In fact, in the past six months since the last Google update, if your site is not optimized for mobile devices you make receive a penalty, either that or you won’t receive and positive ticks.

A word to the wise – make sure your visitors can find you on the web, and view your company website on any smartphone, iPad, or Samsung device. You will get valuable page rank points from Google and will also get more website traffic and possibly more sales in the process.

Quick Loading Website

You will get points from Google and other major search engines like Bing and Yahoo if you site loads quickly. Who wants to way 20-30 seconds for any website to load?

Usually large images or blocks of code will be the route cause of your page loading slowly causing visitors to leave quickly before the first page even loads. This is the what they call the „bounce rate“. Your bounce rate will be high probably above 50% if your site is not built to load quickly.

Look at all the header graphics and other pics and videos on your main page. Are they all necessary? What is their purpose and are they at the lowest resolution possible so they they not only look good but your page will load faster because of it.

Optimize your pages, technically, so they your site functions well and the site not only loads faster, but users will stay around longer on your site checking out your products or services. Your bounce rate will go down and your website traffic and sales will go up, inversely. Check all your third party plugins for SEO and social sharing. Do they all function well and are they producing errors? Consult with an SEO professional if you are unsure.

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Web Site Traffic Promotion – A How To Guide For Website Promotion

Really this is actually a step-by-step tutorial to getting more traffic to your site. If you follow these simple website promotion formulae you are guaranteed traffic. Just start on your website promotion campaign immediately and follow each step in the same order and you will see the fantastic results in the rise of website traffic.

Step 1: Optimize

All your efforts will go in vain if your site is not well optimized for search engine. Visibility requires you to be search engine optimized and you can easily do so with keyword rich content and adding a sitemap. Of course there are a lot many other techniques that you can research and are not at all difficult to follow.

Step 2: Directories

Target the web directories that have a high page rank and start to include your link in them. There are many different kinds of directories, like free and paid directories as well as general and niche directories. Make sure that you apply for multiple directories as some free directories take months to include your link. Paid directories will generally charge you a small fee for their service but if they have a high page rank a directory link is totally worth it. Also niche directories are far better in getting targeted traffic to your site.

Step 3: Open Directory Project

There is a very strong connection between your rankings on search engines and the inclusion in the Open Directory Project. ODP is free and the editors will review your site and if they find it good enough your site will be included in their listings. However they take a lot of time for reviewing your site so you can also consider becoming an editor for the Open Directory and include your own site quickly and with ease.

Step 4: PPC Ads

At this point maybe you might also like to invest in some pay per click advertising in order to strengthen your chances of getting your site more recognition with search engines. PPC if done correctly by choosing the correct keywords is the best form of paid online advertising.

Step 5: Join Forums and Answer Questions

Start to join forums where you can meet like minded people who are running similar businesses so maybe you will also get some good online friends and affiliates as also you can promote your site with the help of a link in your forum signature. Open answer sites like Yahoo Answers is also an excellent tool for generating traffic if you provide a link to your site when you answer a question pertaining to your own subject.

Step 6: Write your own content

The best marketing is article marketing and you can easily write your own articles keeping in mind the keywords and include them in directories. You can also set up a blog or a podcast to promote your site.

These are just simple techniques that you can adopt and you will see that soon all the hard work and time that you invest into your site and site promotion will begin to pay off and you can enjoy sweet success.

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Visiting Louvre Museum in Paris, France

The Louvre Museum in France, housed in the former seat of French royalty (Palais du Louvre), is a massive maze of collections from diverse artistic and cultural worlds. A French flag proudly waves atop the castle. At its main entrance lies a glass pyramid created by I.M. Pei in 1989, which also serves as the entrance to the reception hall beneath it. It is the globe’s most visited museum, with more than 20,000 visitors in a day.

There are around 35,000 artwork pieces and eight thematic departments. There are permanent collections such as the masterpieces of Rubens, Da Vinci, and Delacroix and Egyptian, Islamic and Greek art collections, as well as temporary exhibits that put the spotlight on specific artists or movements. There are guided tours available for both individuals and groups to make the visit to the Louvre a less daunting task for its guests.

Visitors overwhelmed by the numerous artworks can take a breather at any of the Louvre’s restaurants or cafes. There is also a bookshop underneath the pyramid which sells books and gifts. For the shopaholics, the Caroussel de Louvre is a shopping haven within the Louvre Palace that has all the offerings of an upscale mall. The Museum is located in the 1st arrondissement on the right bank of the Seine. There are several entrances, with the Pyramid entrance being the most famous, and, as such, has the longest queues for visitors. Visitors may also want to try other entrances with shorter queues such as those in the Porte des Lions, and Galerie du Carousel.

The Louvre is accessible via the train (Line 1), as well as several bus lines. The museum is open every day except Tuesdays from 9am to 6pm (Thursdays, Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays), and up to 10pm on Wednesdays and Fridays.

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Want to Rank in Local SEO? Follow These Tips

Local SEO Tips to Consider

Make sure you have a physical, brick and mortar address in your targeted town.

It is important to make sure you include a physical address in the location you wish to optimize for. In addition, this particular address where your property is situated has to be in the location or area you aim to target, or very close to it.

Make proper use of Google My Business.

Google has placed more importance on GMB; this means that any business information you include here is reflected on Google Maps and

Search. The customers‘ job to find you becomes much easier this way, no matter what if they use a tablet, PC or smartphone.

In building or developing your Google my Business location for local SEO even further, make sure:

– To use complete, accurate, consistent and relevant information when filling out the Google My Business account;

– To list a GMB location which you can verify;

– To use the town and city that you want to rank for in the title of the landing page;

– That your product or products are in accordance with the main categories of GMB, and that they suit a wider search group.

See to it that the Name, Address and Phone Number (or NAP) on your site matches the NAP on GMB.

Besides your physical address, the NAP should be identical with your actual business name should be consistent wherever they appear online.

Actually, it is best to make use of an exact template for your NAP anywhere you use these details, whether on your site, GMB, other websites or directory listings.

Ensure that you have a map to your location included on your website.

Aside from adding contact info to your website, it is essential to include an actual map on your website, so that viewers can see your exact position. The code to include a map to your premises can be added on your website’s contact page.

Moreover, having some of the following information on your website, specifically in your contacts page, will be very useful:

Opening and closing hours of your store;

Directions to your premises from prominent landmarks;

Phone call links to call directly on mobile phones;

Social media links, but sharing options as well.

Starting from the next step, you should be knowledgeable about SEO. Otherwise, get some SEO training.

Make sure you create a new web page for every business location

If your business has several branches, see to it that each of them has a distinct web page, which is properly optimized for its specific location.

Use citations properly

It is very important for local SEO to get citations in major international, regional and local directories. Citations can help in building authority and integrity for your site, and above all, direct useful traffic to your page(s).

Additionally, if you do not have a website (which is a must nowadays), local listings give more visibility.

If you are taking citations into consideration, make sure that:

You have consistent citations;

You are using citations from trusted, respected websites;

You find ways to let your business get mentioned in various articles or blog posts in local newspapers;

You have lots of location-relevant and industry-relevant domains that cite your company in a positive way.

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Amboseli, Kenya – A Magnet For Wildlife

Kenya is a fabulous destination for safari holidays and of the many great places to go is Amboseli. Located south of Nairobi, the region is small at 151 square miles but because of its swamp terrain is a magnet to all manner of African wild life. It also is home to Observation hill where you will get the most stunning views of Mt Kilimanjaro in all of East Africa. The area is famous for these views as well as for its big game. Right in the middle of the National Park is a dry lake basin that is an attraction to all kinds of animals.

Amboseli with its spectacular views and landscape is home to some of Africa’s most revered animal selections. If you are looking for a safari that has all the big ones, this is the place to go. Throughout the park you will find Grant and Thompson’s gazelles leaping about in wild abandon. There will be herds of elephant and buffalo. You will see warthogs, wildebeest and Coke’s hartebeest. Also indigenous of the area are more inhabitants of Kenya like baboons, giraffe and zebra. That’s not all either. The park is home to some of the more famous African cats like leopard, cheetah and lions. Look around and you will also see hyenas and jackals as well. It’s a potpourri of African wildlife!

It’s not just about wildlife on the ground because in Amboseli you will find an abundance of bird life as well. Near to the swamps and seasonal lakes are many varieties of water fowl as well as land birds. It’s a bird lover’s paradise. And, of course all manner of flora and fauna can be found throughout the confines of the park. You will find phoenix palms and yellow barked acacias through the park.

Than landscape of Amboseli National Park in and of itself is something to see. All that wild life, birdlife, and fauna and flora are interspersed amongst fragile grasslands, swamps, acacia woodland, and plains. There are even a number of interesting volcanic hills located in the southern area of the park. This is truly a great location for your next travel safari. It is indeed one of the best National Parks you will find in Kenya and you will see and do things that will make for lasting memories. Spending your safari holidays here will not disappoint. There is a little something for everyone.

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