Internet Marketing Guide – Marketing Essentials for Small Business

Things are looking up for owners and managers of small businesses in Mississauga-Ontario area. Both marketing experts and ordinary observers have their own insights and views on how we can take full advantage of these opportunities that come our way. Owners of small businesses have diverse views and positions when it comes to online marketing. Some business owners and managers heavily rely on Internet marketing while others are not too keen about it.

Here is an important fact about modern business that you must be aware of – success for small business is all about attraction of the right clients from niches that deliver the highest value. Gone are the days where you rely on what is known as „shotgun“ approach in sales and marketing. The focus of successful businesses in Mississauga-Ontario area today is in the „pull“ aspect of their marketing campaign.

There are 2 action points when we talk about effective Internet marketing – appeal to Google and appeal to business prospects. These are the main concerns of business when you implement your online marketing strategies and tactics. However, this does not mean that you totally discard your current marketing plan and come up with an entirely new marketing plan. An ideal search engine marketing plan must achieve the right synergy with your existing marketing plan. By this we mean you have to „piggy-back“ your online marketing plan with your current marketing strategies and tactics.

So, what are the elements of an effective search engine marketing plan? A good plan must work on the „search“ and „convert“ elements of Internet marketing. You have to understand that search engine marketing is not undertaken just to attract your customers to your website. The primary concern of Internet marketing is to provide the right conditions so that your target business prospects „feel“ your presence online and „find“ your website. This means that you must bring those potential clients right at the doorstep of your virtual store. You have won half of the battle once you achieve this one.

However, you need to make sure that you achieve a higher conversion rate by providing the right information and solutions to your target clients. Conversion can only happen if you provide the right information or solutions that surfers are seeking. This is where you must think out of the box and remember that you are not selling your product or service online. You have to remember that search engine marketing is all about delivering the right information and solution for these are what they are seeking and expecting to find in your website.

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Websites Now Offer Excelling Statistics Homework Help Online

In earlier days, parents would regularly sit down with their children and help with their statistics homework or perhaps, a tutor might visit the pupil at a pre-agreed time. Such a system later metamorphosed into systematic tuitions and extra help classes. However, these days statistics homework help is-

*available around the clock and whenever you require it, almost at your fingertips.

*just-in-time, just-enough statistics homework help.

*available with zero time wasted on commuting for both tutor as well as the pupil and absolutely zero peer embarrassment for a pupil who might like to ask pretty simple questions during tuitions.

*with all the powerful tools and the rich functionality of the Internet like video conferencing, audio chats, and so on.

Drawbacks of Online Statistics Homework Help:

Not many are aware of this, but getting statistics homework help is not always so simple. consider this example – what if a scam website promises to deliver good quality tuitions and then reneges on its promise? You might be shocked to know that there are actually some sites who cannot provide effective tuitions or their teachers not trained to deliver training in a virtual mode. You might also come across downright scams where website owners will disappear with your tuition fees and close the website overnight.

Without a doubt there are many fishy sites online; but the trick is not to banish the thought of using online help for statistics homework. The trick is to find one that is good, honest, effective, and committed towards providing high quality statistics homework help online on a regular basis with trained teachers and customized assistance for every pupil.

Checklist for Getting Effective Statistics Homework Help Online

Don’t you wish you had some quick pointers that might help you differentiate between the scam sites and the really good ones?

Excellent Feedback Counts: It seriously does. Check the rep of the website at other sites, inquire with other parents or students, read reviews and opinions of other people. If you see something negative then drop the website from your shortlist.

Ask for a free trial: See if the website will offer a few days as a free trial or if they have a money back policy. Just walk away if they don’t or if you smell a rat.

Speak with the teachers: Meet them online, and chat with them to see if they know their stuff. Don’t forget, one rotten apple in the teacher’s seat can spoil the whole bunch.

Dig deeper: Most students don’t wish to look too aggressive but if you fail to evaluate what you are paying for, then you might just lose good money, valuable time, as well critical statistics homework help.

Follow your instincts: Do your research, make a decision and go with one website without wasting any more time. Select one online tutoring website and go with it. Most people make the mistake of viewing every website with great suspicion and then don’t commit to any website. After all, you don’t want to be the one who falls in to a ‚analysis paralysis‘ stalemate and the person who just can’t decide about a website one way or another.

There are some really good online tutoring sites out there who can give valuable statistics homework help for your child. The good news is that if you are somewhat unhappy with a website, you can always switch over to another website after some time.

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Website Marketing- Do You Use These 10 Emotive Words On Your Website

When you are telling one of your friends a new and interesting story, you stand before them, look them in the eye, and say, „You will love this…“ You have their full attention, because you are talking directly to them and are about to give them information they will enjoy. Your Website must behave in a similar manner towards your visitors, if you wish them to promote their status from ‚a casual, one-time visitor‘ to ‚your active, returning customer‘.

In the above opening paragraph, the words ‚you‘ and ‚your‘ were used 10 times, because they make the message personal and important to you; the reader.

The word ‚YOU‘ is one of the most powerful words that you can use to attract the attention of your Website visitors and impart your message to them in a friendly and easily understood manner.

Another emotive word that not only attracts immediate attention, but also can quickly arouse interest and desire in targeted visitors, is the word ‚NEW‘. This is because we are conditioned to expect that a new product or service is going to be considerably better than the older version, and therefore one worth acquiring. Many of us also like to be the first to have something new, because it gives us the opportunity to show it to admiring friends.

The word ‚FREE‘ has been successfully used in marketing for more than a hundred years and despite the abuse and over-use it has experienced on the Internet, it is probably the most important word that you can use on your Website. This is because we have not only become accustomed to downloading free content, but we also expect it and are frequently disappointed when none is offered.

You must offer something of value to your visitors as a free download, if you wish not only to retain their interest in your Website content, but also to carry out a positive action like registering for your newsletter, or making a purchase.

The word BECAUSE has been used five-times in the above paragraphs, and it is another strong word, which you can use with great success on your Website. It gives the visitor the reason for making a purchase or subscribing to a mailing list; and it can justify your preceding statement. For example, you may say, „This new product will increase your sales, because…“ Your visitors want to know WHY you are special, unique, better, or different than others and using the word because can give them the answers they seek.

Your visitors will want to know exactly how they will BENEFIT from something before they take any action; even for a free download they will want some good reasons ‚why‘ before they click on your ‚call to action‘ link. You can even provide a list with the simple, but excellent, heading of ‚Your Benefits‘, because this will quickly summarise why they should take action.

If you prefer not to use the word ‚benefit‘, you must still provide full details of the benefits your visitors will enjoy before they will accept your offer.

It may well be the first viewing of your Website for most visitors, and one of the biggest hurdles you must overcome is establishing some form of credibility. TESTIMONIALS can go a long way towards providing some confidence in your visitors that your product or service can provide the benefits you promise. Written testimonials are excellent, but on today’s hi-speed Internet, many visitors expect and enjoy audio and video testimonials from your customers.

The second item you can provide your visitors that will reinforce your credibility is your GUARANTEE. These come in many different forms, but a simple, easily understood, ‚money-back‘ if not satisfied guarantee is often the best. In addition to providing a guarantee in writing, provide full details of exactly what they have to do in order to apply for a refund. Use simple language that they can easily read and understand.

The word NOW is a powerful call to action. When you make a ‚call to action‘, always end it with the word ’now‘, because it can substantially increase your results.

Two other words that you must use on your Website are BUY and REGISTER, and you have to use them many times, because it is a proven fact that the more opportunities you provide for your visitors to act, the greater your response rate.

Do not be afraid to use the words, BUY NOW or REGISTER NOW on your Website, because if you have given them sufficient reasons to act your visitors will want to own your product, service, or newsletter subscription immediately. Once you have made them want it, let them have every opportunity to have it!

Do not be afraid of exposing yourself to the dangers of taking an order!

Once your visitor has taken positive action in response to your offer, ensure that the next page that opens is one that says THANK YOU! This is the very page that can determine whether your new customer becomes a ‚returning customer‘ with repeat orders.

You can go a long way to ensuring they return with an excellent ‚thank you‘ page, and perhaps a little unexpected gift as a positive token of your thanks. A surprise gift is the best gift of all, and is one they will remember. Your customer purchases and eBook or a software program from you and on your ‚thank you‘ page you provide a link to an extra free download.

The first thing this customer is going to do is tell all their friends about your Website…and that action is viral marketing. Moreover, the unexpected gift is one of the best ways to be active with viral marketing, especially if you tell them that they can pass a copy onto their friends!

© Copyright 2007. Brian Hunt. All Rights Reserved.

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5 Tips for SEO for Beginners

If you are interested in SEO, you are on the right page. In this article, we are going to discuss the latest trends in the world of SEO. As a beginner, you may be overwhelmed because of the information overload. Having too many strategies is not a good idea. Therefore, it’s a good idea to find out more about SEO. Given below are a few tips for beginners who want to learn SEO.

1. Optimize your Site for Mobile Devices

When you are just starting out, mobile optimization is important. Make sure your website is optimized for mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablet. Nowadays, more and more people are using their mobile phones to browse the internet. Therefore, your SEO strategy should focus on mobile phones as well. Your website should not take ages to load on mobile phones and other devices.

2. Find Out How Users Search

You need to find out about the better performance keywords on your site jacket. Although it is great to perform keyword testing, SEO gives more importance to understand the search intent. Therefore, making a list of keywords that can draw visitors to your website is not enough.

Therefore, your long term SEO should focus on the intention of the searcher. In other words, you need to understand how the visitors use search engines, you can optimize your website. Nowadays, searchers are dynamic and don’t rely on assumptions alone.

3. Write for Humans

An effective SEO strategy always considers the human element. You need to do much more than choosing a list of relevant keywords for the optimization of your website’s ranking. Instead, your goal should be to create a list of keywords that can keep your content engaging and relevant at the same time. In other words, your content should be interesting and engaging.

If your content is high-quality and relevant, you will get a lot of search traffic. All you need to do is find the right balance.

4. Analyze your Search Traffic

To get started, you can analyze your existing traffic. Find out the pages that already get plenty of traffic. Similarly, create a list of keywords used by your website visitors.

The idea is to find out the common things between your top-performing web pages. Is it be content quality, length of articles, or on-site optimization?

5. Stay Tuned to the Latest Updates

For mastering your SEO technique, it is important to keep an eye on the latest trends and follow them. Aside from this, understanding the algorithm updates is also important. Regardless of your experience, it is important for you to read about the most recent SEO updates and their importance for your SEO strategies.

In short, if you follow these 5 tips, you can improve your SEO strategies and get tons of traffic for your website. Keep in mind that being patient is important if you want to enjoy better results and beat the competition.

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Top 5 Hotels and Resorts in Puerto Rico

Even if all you are looking for on your visit to Puerto Rico is luxury, then here are some of the best hotels and resorts that you simply must check out. One of the first that can be recommended is that of Doubletree by Hilton. The hotel has some great views, which you can get when you upgrade your room from one of the regulars. If you do not get one with a view, you could opt for one of the corner rooms which are a little bigger and spacious. The rooms come with complimentary breakfast and the meal is absolutely fabulous and when you arrive, you are greeted with cookies.

Another beautiful one that you can try is the Luquillo Sunrise Beach Inn. For all those beach bums, the location is the best you can ask for. It is located on the Northeast corner of Puerto Rico and you get great views of the El Yunque tropical forest as well as the bioluminescent bay in the area. It is also a great starting point to discover Ponce as well as the Old Town. This is the perfect place to stay if you are looking to surf.

The Hix Island House is a great place for you rest when you are in Vieques Island. Each day you are offered a basket of fresh fruits, bread and the kitchen is well stocked. You are offered regular sessions of yoga. The rooms are well ventilated and the design of the place, you will see is minimalistic. Because this is a small outfit, you the owners are at your beck and call and you can easily customize your time here. A good way to get great views is to opt for those on the top.

The Hacienda Tamarindo is an island in itself or at least that is what you are going to feel like when you check in. It is completely low key and the owners will go out of their way to make your stay comfortable. The rooms come with louvered French windows. Breakfast is part of the package here and you can even opt for picnic lunches. Visiting here in winter is ideal.

The Acacia Boutique Hotel is part of the latest trend that is going about Puerto Rico. What will strike you first is the reception is filled with scented candles and completely exudes a tropical atmosphere. Opt for the rooms with an ocean view from the balcony and you are guaranteed to have a wonderful time.

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How to Drive Traffic to Your Site for Free – Article Marketing

Though this is a free method of driving traffic to your site, it is a very powerful method over time.

The problem is you don’t see results immediately… you see results over time. And that’s where people get discouraged. They submit 10 articles to a couple of article directories and they are like ‚What the heck is happening? I’m not rich yet? This method is crap!‘

The thing is it is a method that pays big dividends over the long haul. By the time you’ve written tonnes of articles, they begin to pile up and the search engines begin to bring up your pages in search results.

You begin to see a steady flow of traffic to your site because your articles will come up at the top of the search engines (using SEO techniques). This is what search engines love. They love good quality content; content that gives people useful information; content that gives solutions to people’s problems.

Your article could be submitted to hundreds of article directories, posted on other people’s blogs as a guest blogger, or placed on your own blog.

Out of all these I prefer articles on my blog for the following reasons:

1)List Building

This is very useful, especially if you are an affiliate promoting other people’s products and services. All you need is to direct people to an opt-in page through a link you ask them to click on.

And there are things that you need to do to motivate people to opt in like giving free ebook or video training if they choose to leave their email address.

2)Search Engine Friendly

Search engines love blogs. This is because they are sources of information. But this will only work well for you if you have valuable content, not just keyword-packed low-quality articles because the search engines continually tweak their algorithm to filter out the chaff.

And to make your post appear at the top of search engine search results, you may want to learn SEO techniques too

Submitting Articles to Article Directories

This also has its own advantages. For example if you submit your articles to a directory that ranks high and gets lots of traffic, then you’re going to get lots of traffic to your site too. That is the reason why I love EzineArticles. Google loves EzineArticles. The site gets up to 1 million visitors per month. That is huge!

So submitting your articles to EzineArticles can be a source of good traffic to your site too, especially when you have a well written resource box that makes your readers go to your site.

I hope you enjoyed this article. Go ahead and start writing articles right now.

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Traffic Is Good!

If we talk about webmasters, traffic is the key indicator for checking the success of a website. To assess the quality of traffic two factors are brought into play;

1. Relevance

2. Persistence


Relevance is the most important feature in traffic efficiency, and is correlated with persistent behavior – more relevant visitors are likely to be persistent.

Relevance is basically related with the issues from which the traffic initiates. For example, if your website had a ‚Finance and Account‘ theme, a visitor from a link on some other finance related website would certainly be more relevant as compared to a visitor from a website with a general theme.

The most excellent relevance arrives from ‚organic traffic‘, that is, traffic directed from Search engines. If a customer is trying to find information on any specific topic, and arrives to your website, that visitor is expected to be pertinent to the theme of your website. Obviously, the relevance of ‚organic traffic‘ can be different. Search engines dedicated to one particular niche can provide much intended traffic


Persistence is another key factor for good traffic. It identifies how profoundly individuals surf your website. It is mostly related with the origin of the traffic and, as a result, the net surfing behavior.

High-quality, persistent traffic arrives from those who are keenly trying to find something. Therefore, ‚organic traffic‘ is usually good, persistent traffic resulting in form of a visitor who will remain on your website for a longer period, read larger portion of your content, and possibly arrive at deeper sections of your website. This searching behavior is one that creates the interactivity, and also stops the visitor from leaving your website hastily.

Persistent traffic can as well arrive from a number of other non-organic sources, such as by casual talk, or advice from a friend can create curiosity in user, which results in an interested net surfing pattern. Even though the user under discussion may not be looking for something specific, he will possibly remain in your website for a longer period of time and browse larger number of pages.

Average persistence traffic can arrive from transferred traffic also. Visitors who are merely surfing net for not anything particular may click on a link to your website, and then stay there for some page views. This type of net surfing behavior creates the greater part of transferred traffic.

Lesser persistence traffic results from more massive referral-kind traffic. For example, front page of a main site having a link will drive a massive number of referral traffic towards your website, however because of the big audience of the referring site; majority of visitors will stay only for the linked page, with a small number of other visitors searching other areas of your website.

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New York Travel Tips For The Elderly Tourists

With its numerous historical attractions, buildings, museums and vibrant culture New York attracts millions of tourists from various corners of the world. However, it is not necessarily youngsters and families who can enjoy a vacation in the thriving city. It has plenty of options to make the tour enjoyable as well as affordable for elderly visitors. Senior citizens visiting the city, alone or with family members, can enjoy the tour if they plan carefully. The nice public transportation system and affordable accommodation will come as pleasant surprise for them.

Transportation in NYC for elderly people

Fortunately, elderly people visiting various parts of New York do not have to face transportation problems much. If you are above 65 years, it is possible to avail reduced bus and subway fares in the city. A majority of city buses have wheelchair lifts with option to lower front entrance for easier access. Seniors may also sit behind driver.

Planning for seeing NYC attractions is important for senior visitors

The tourist attractions in and around New York are aplenty but senior visitors need to plan carefully. Attractions that need lots of walking or climbing stairs can make them feel fatigued soon. Keep in mind that places like Central Park and Times Square can be best explored by walking.

Senior visitors who do not like to walk yet want to cover the most iconic landmarks and places in the city, have two options. A bus ride will cover many spots or a boat tour around the Manhattan region should suffice for them. The Manhattan island cruise takes over 2 hours and covers Statue of Liberty, Roosevelt Island and Ellis Island. Availing the Bus network is economical, as it is. It is better to check bus routes online beforehand. Gray Line bus tours are quite popular and routes cover Statue of Liberty and other top sightseeing options in the city.

Affordable tourist attractions for seniors in NYC

A number of New York tourist attractions are affordable for senior visitors. It would be a good idea to visit the museums during daytime as seniors get free entry. Some attractions have special hours like Museum of Modern Art and Brooklyn Botanic Garden. The Bronx Zoo has an option to pay what you can afford for admission.

Elderly people planning to explore the city for a week should opt for New York City Pass. It helps save both money and time. It includes heavy discounts for attractions like the Empire State Building, American Museum of Natural History and Metropolitan Museum of Art. The pass also entitles the buyers to opt for a Hayden Planetarium show and Circle Line Sightseeing Cruise. Senior visitors with grandchildren can obtain better discounts for the companion.

Getting close to nature

For some elderly visitors, the grandiose edifices and buildings of NYC may seem less desirable than the natural attractions like parks and zoo. They should head to various parks in the city. The historic Richmond town, central park zoo and Queens Country Farm Museum are ideal for such visitors.

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How Can Local SEO Boost Your Local Business?

Local SEO is an essential marketing strategy if you’re a brick-and-mortar company with services or products of a local nature. If your clients are all local, then you should prefer local SEO to vanilla SEO. Local SEO is a myriad of techniques that are used by website owners to compete for highest rankings for local searches in their area of business for specific keywords related to their products and services.

For e.g. If you’re a doctor in a city, your customer demographic will entail mostly people from your city and not from the country as a whole. Google, with its launch of Local SEO algorithms has made it abundantly clear that local business have a special place and it is not in international SEO. They must divert their efforts to focus on local SEO instead.

Local SEO can turn the tables for any local business. If you’re looking to build a huge customer base, you must find a reputable local SEO firm that can handle your business needs. When your website pops out in results for other cities, those results are practically wasted because these visitors won’t convert to actual sales after all. It is the local clients you want, and this new trend could help you easily capitalize and build a better clientele.

If you’re a small business, Local SEO works better for you, rather than multinationals. It will definitely increase the popularity of your business, get you customer reviews and feedback for free and help new prospects locate you easily. When you initially start local SEO, your primary focus must be less used keywords which are longer, commonly known as long-tail keywords in the industry. These keywords can be easily ranked for and will start bringing you a trickle of traffic easily without much effort. Once you’ve got these out of the way, you can focus on more lucrative, harder to rank keywords. While these will take time and effort, the wait is usually well rewarded with leads and sales.

For local SEO to work out as you intend, your website must be optimized to the hilt for Google to understand where you are located and the nature and extent of services you offer. The local component of your business, which is the city or locality must be present in either the domain name, the website title or the content and if possible, in all of them. This ensures maximum visibility. If you hire a local SEO firm be sure to talk it over to understand their goals for your business and the efforts their willing to put in. Quite a few campaigns disappear into the dark without any sales or leads just because there was no plan of execution.

Another important factor is the main keyword, which can be included in the business name for online marketing purposes. While the name may sound generic, it will give you a better head start than most of your competitors have had and will get you leads and sales faster than anyone else. For example, if you’re a bakery in a city named Bartholomew, you could have your online business name as Bartholomew Bakery ending with the city name. The name sounds generic, but will help you greatly as you expand your local SEO efforts. This is a powerful, ingenious SEO strategy which is overlooked mostly, and can be your secret weapon to monopolize your rankings in your city.

Your website can also do well by having your name, address and phone number, NAP as we call it in the industry on every page, placed conveniently at a place easily visible to your clients. This is valuable, both from an SEO point of view and from the client’s. You client must not have to fidget about on the website to find a way to contact you and Google must at all times be referenced to your physical address and number so that it knows whom to related the contents of the page to. The best place for this information is in the header or the footer, the former being preferable. Your address helps create trust with the user. How many times have you seen an office address being prominently displayed on every page of the website? This is something that user need and if you deliver, helps them believe you. If you’re willing to take a step further, you can also have a Google Maps placed with your location in it which furthers your cause and helps your prospects easily find your location.

Modern psychology explains that a buyer goes through a variety of different phases before actually making a purchase. You’ll have to be sure to target buyers in the right phase. Your keywords must be carefully selected to get only those people who are serious about purchasing the products or services you are selling. Window shopping is prevalent on the internet too, and you’ll not be happy with having those kinds of visitors to your website. To go about it, put yourself in the customer’s shoes and think of what they’d search for if they were looking for your services. This is process of elimination. Rooting out the wasted keywords can exponentially increase your sales and reduce your efforts all at once. This task is a must and can only be done by you, who has deep insight into your market.

These tasks are time-taking and must be done by an expert. Be sure to hire a local SEO firm of repute with a long list of clients who’ve seen success in their campaigns. The best way would be to talk around in your neighborhood and ask for references from people who’ve profited from local SEO and have seen a good number of clients being referred from their online presence.

While the above points don’t fully encompass the soul of local SEO, they are a good starting point and definitely bring in some sales to encourage you to dive in further. Implement these points efficiently and see your clientele grow, steadily but surely.

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Online Versus Offline Marketing: Which One Is Better?

It’s amazing how the world has evolved during the last 20 years.

More than just the shifts of power across countries… more than just the life changing events like hurricanes, earth quakes and terrorist attacks… the advancement of technology has completely changed the way that we view the world.

YouTube has virtually replaced television. Blogs tend to break important news faster than the actual news stations. And people are meeting their friends and significant others through social networks like Facebook and eHarmony.

And probably the most significant change has been the way that businesses market themselves.

If you go to YouTube and search for „Dollar Shave Club“ you’ll find a minute-long video that a guy made in his warehouse that ended up getting over 15 million views… for FREE. The purpose of the video is to get people to go to his website and subscribe to a monthly program where they send you a high quality razor every month for a dollar.

Now, imagine for a second… if just 10% of those views convert into sales for him, he just generated sales of over $1.5 million per month… for FREE.

If you wanted to get 15 million views from a TV commercial, you would have to pay thousands of dollars, if not tens of thousands… AT LEAST.

In another simple example… if you wanted to deliver a 15 page sales letter to 1000 people, and you were going to do it through direct mail, you would have to cough up at least $5,000 to send those letters out. And unless you hired a professional copywriter to write your letter for you, for all you know, you could have very well wasted your $5,000.

Now, if you put that same sales letter on a website and drove pay per click traffic to it, you would most likely pay anywhere from $250 – $1,000 (dependent on the industry you’re in). And the beautiful thing is, you can track everything. You get to see how many people saw your ad, and what percentage clicked on the ad.

You can also compare ads to see which one gets more clicks and you get these numbers in real time. If you wanted to compare two different ads through direct mail, you would have to wait weeks before you got any response and your tests would be relatively hard to track.

There are countless more scenarios in which it is advantageous to deliver your message through online mediums versus offline, however, this doesn’t mean that offline marketing doesn’t work anymore.

The most successful business people that I know use both online AND offline marketing tactics. They intermingle the two mediums to deliver their message.

And probably THE MOST POWERFUL resource that comes with online marketing is the creation of the auto-responder. In its most basic form, an auto-responder is just that… an automated responding mechanism that follows up with your prospects automatically.

As a basic feature of the auto-responder, you can send newsletters to your prospect list. If you had a list of 1000 people, you could email them on a daily basis at no extra cost to you. However, if you wanted to send a newsletter to 1000 people via direct mail, you would be paying AT LEAST $1,000 per day!

It’s THE most revolutionary invention in the world of marketing and business.

In future articles, I will go into the finer details of each of the concepts that we talked about and will give you instructions on how to use them effectively.

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