Build a Website That Entices Your Visitors to Stay

We all want people who come to our website to stay long enough to see what we have to offer. This is primarily determined by what greets the eye first – the initial screen. This is not the entire „home“ page. It is the top part, which is often referred to as „above the fold“. „Above the fold“ is a newspaper term meaning the top half of the front page that the reader sees before flipping the paper to read the bottom half.

On a website, it is what the viewer sees without having to scroll down the page, and it is the most important part of your site. Getting this screen right when you build a website often means the difference between someone clicking away in the first few seconds and having them stay on your website and become a customer. Here are some ways to maximize the use of this space:

Company Logo – One thing you don’t need is a huge company logo. This is just wasting valuable space and seeing a large company logo on the first screen will not entice them to stay. Most people are looking for either information or a product – not a company name. If you have what they need, they will remember your name without your site blasting it in their face.

Headline – The headline is absolutely the most important part of any web page and doubly so on the initial screen. Yet, I have seen lots of websites with no headline or a weak headline that gives the visitor no idea what to expect on the rest of the page. If you picked up a newspaper and saw an article that had no headline, how likely would you be to take the time to read that article? Conversely, how many times have you skimmed a newspaper and your attention was grabbed by a headline and, because of the headline, you read the article – even though it wasn’t something you would normally read.

Writing attention getting headlines is not that difficult. It just takes a little practice. One great method of writing headlines is to ask a question that the reader wants answered and then tell how your website will answer that question. For example:

Want a dog that always behaves?

Learn the never before released secrets from professional dog trainers.

Notice how the initial headline speaks directly to a problem that the reader may have and the sub-headline continues to peak their interest by promising unique information to solve the problem. The reader immediately knows what they can expect from this site. This headline also targets a specific audience which is what you want. Non-specific headlines that try to call to everyone often call to no one.

Start of Initial Paragraph – This is an area where many marketers fail when they build a website. You have a great headline and have caught the attention of your visitor. Now, the meat of the site begins and the connection with the reader is often lost. Consider the following opening sentences:

You will learn unique tips and methods to train your dog.

Imagine your dog sitting at your feet quietly awaiting your next command.

While the first sentence states what you are offering, it is just facts and really cuts the emotional bond that you began with the title. The second sentence uses words to paint a picture in the readers‘ mind and gets them to use their imagination. It helps them to see the results that they want from using what you are offering. This emotional connection is very persuasive and what people believe is often more powerful than what is real. If you can connect with your readers in this way, your sales will definitely increase.

In summary, when you build a website, use an unobtrusive logo, write an attention getting headline and create an emotional connection at the start of your first paragraph. These things will entice your readers to stay and see what you have to offer and should result in more sales.

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