A Rise in Kamikaze Personalities – "I’ll Kill Myself and You"

How can it be that within so many people there exist traces of a kamikaze personality that would rather destroy itself than to see the other part of YOU succeed? A personality that would go to extreme measures to stop your personal development, destroy your family relationships and hinder your business or financial success. It is the personality that refuses to take responsibility for its actions. It places the blame on others for its misfortunes. It can never look inward at itself, always looking out at the world, looking for someone else to blame. It is that mother who would prefer that her only son turn down a 4-year scholarship to stay home with her because she is afraid of being „alone.“ It is the Jim Jones‘ of the world with one-way belief systems that prefer to die than to change. Death means taking everyone with them. It is the terrorist who carries beliefs as strong as the bomb he or she carries. It is the politician who would rather that his or her constituency go hungry than to compromise on legislation that brings support because it reaches across firmly drawn, immovable, psychotic party lines.

Within each of us there are many identities for the many roles we play. Some of these roles may involve loving deeds, while other parts of us may operate out of fear or seek revenge. When you look at the rise in homelessness, hunger, terrorism, and wonder why, it does not seem that people are starving because there is a lack of food. Instead it seems more because homelessness and starving people serves a purpose. Killing people serves a purpose. Suffering serves a purpose for some kamikaze personality.

What seems frightening is the rise in the Kamikaze personality. That personality could very well be your husband or wife and you have no clue. The common denominator seems to be strongly held views, religious views, political views, love or money obsessions that hold people hostage. When firmly planted ideals take roots and grow deep within they become an intricate part of the person. That person will give up their family in divorce or even death but will not give up that point of view.

Kamikaze personalities fight and struggle against their opponents to the bitter end, when all that is needed could be a shift of perspective. What is a point of view? It’s not tangible, not a gun, not a dollar, not a building. Buildings don’t hurt people. It’s the obsessive minds, the kamikaze personalities that occupy buildings and cause damage to people close to them and others around them.

If you sit in the same position for a very long time, the circulation in the body will decrease then your body begins to feel stiff. Likewise, when you hold a point of view for too long, it becomes stiff and hard to change. As the mind closes, the flow of thoughts stiffen, it cannot see other points of view.

„If you see something say something,“ sounds fine, but maybe we should start looking within to see if we find stiff points of view or traces of a kamikaze personality. Then do something. Saving the world starts with saving YOU from yourself.

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